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The Impact of

Headshots for Politicians

Your Journey to Success Starts with Stunning Headshots

Headshots vs Branding Photos

Headshot Booth at Conferences

Nailing Your LinkedIn Headshot from a Photographer’s Perspective

Why Have a Professional Headshot

How Personalizing Your Company Image, Boost Brand Appeal and Employee Confidence

The Game-Changing Benefits of Digital Backgrounds

Expert Advice on Choosing the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Headshot Session

As a headshot and corporate photographer, I understand the importance of a professional image in today’s digital age. Your headshot is your personal brand, your chance to make a lasting impression and establish credibility. And when it comes to headshot sessions, choosing the right wardrobe is absolutely crucial…

Curious About the Power of Professional Corporate Headshots? Here’s What You Need to Know

In today’s competitive business world, professionals in Salt Lake City, just like in any other city, understand the importance of presenting themselves in a polished and professional manner. And there’s one powerful tool that can help them achieve this: high-quality corporate headshots…

Need a new headshot?

As a member of the Salt Lake City community, I enjoy being able to help local companies and individuals connect with their target audiences and attract their ideal clients. 


Can't recommend Laura enough. Her work is fantastic and she is extremely easygoing, making anyone feel comfortable during the photoshoot. Huge thank you to Laura for also supporting Portraits For Patriots, allowing transitioning service members in the Salt Lake City area a professional portrait as they begin their next chapter in the civilian sector.

Laura was awesome! From the second I walked in she made the whole experience, comfortable and fun. We got some amazing pictures in what felt like no time at all. Would definitely go back to her for any other headshot needs!!

Laura's shooting process is fantastic. She's efficient, knows what looks great, and works with you to ensure your professionalism and personality are both captured in an epic portrait.

Laura is an efficient, incredible headshot artist. If she can make my bowling ball of a head look decent, I’d entrust her with whatever headshot need you or your company needs. Nice work, Laura!


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