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For legal professionals, a headshot must convey trustworthiness and competence. Opt for classic and conservative attire like a dark suit and a simple, solid-colored shirt or blouse. Maintain a confident posture with direct eye contact to project authority and professionalism.


Medical professionals should aim for a headshot that balances approachability with expertise. A lab coat or professional attire is appropriate, but ensure your expression is friendly and welcoming. Soft, natural lighting can help soften the overall look, making you appear more approachable.

The Arts

Artists, actors, and creative professionals have more leeway to express personality in their headshots. Use this opportunity to showcase your unique style—whether that’s through bolder wardrobe choices, creative backgrounds, or more expressive poses. However, keep the focus on your face and expression.


Business professionals should aim for a polished and sharp image. A tailored suit in navy or grey works well. For more creative industries, you can opt for a more relaxed look with smart-casual attire. Ensure the background is unobtrusive and the lighting highlights your facial features effectively.

General Tips

  • Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for all professional headshots. Soft, diffused lighting can flatter your features.
  • Background: Keep the background simple and professional. It shouldn’t distract from the subject of the photo—YOU.
  • Posture: Regardless of profession, maintaining good posture is key. Stand or sit straight, roll your shoulders back, and present a confident, professional demeanor.

Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, artist, or business executive, your headshot is a fundamental part of how you present yourself professionally.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your headshot is not only high quality but also an accurate reflection of your professional identity.

For professionals in Utah, I’m here to help you capture a headshot that you can be proud of and that will serve you well in your career.