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During the creation of Black Listed’s dance project, I have the honor of photographing this wonderful, creative group of people. If you are free on May 17th or 18th Please go check out their show!


Untitled World Premier of Black Listed – A Dance Collaborative

 Denver, Colorado – May 17 & 18, 2014 – An original multimedia performance is set to make its debut at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater at 119 Park Ave West. This conglomerate of works will showcase the apex of change by interpreting several original stories through the art of dance.

Sometimes victory hides in the shadows of our toughest experiences. This challenges us to share our stories with one another, while offering compassion and support to aid in the process of building something useful and brilliant for our futures.  This performance champions these individual phases by leveraging the common threads of human endeavor, emotional experience, self-discovery and human connectivity.

Black Listed – a dance collaborative features works by artistic directors Katie Swenson and Cecelia Jones. Other contributors include Ray Maestas, Shanna Woods, Jerod Sarlo, Lisa Engelken, Rennie Harris, Devin Baker, Edgar Page, Lady Speech Sankofa, Jeffory Elliott, Rita Corey, Larkin Poynton and Fate Rokz.