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Im a big fan of Dave Ramsey and his view on money. I was able to go to his EntreLeadership event in Salt Lake City in May. I have the goal of building my photography business in a honest and debt free way. Making a budget, being good to subcontractors and being a great photographer to those who hire me is very important. I have found that people hire me for more reasons than my photographic ability, they know once they have worked with me that I will be on time, happy and do what the client has asked of me in a timely manner.

What do you want out of a photographer?


Event Photography

Dave Ramsey at Abravanel Hall

I was also able to spend some time with my family while I was there and go to the Legacy journey event. It was a fun reminder of what my husband Chris and I had learned in the Financial Peace University last year before we got married. One fun thing about about the location of the event was that about 15 years ago my grandpa’s business (Papa) Jack’s Do it Shop was hired to recover all the seating in the event hall, it took an army, aka all the Jones, to get it done. We all helped and have fun memories of working hard and joking around!

I had a great time at the event and Im building my business.

What are you doing in your business to be a better business?