Hall of Breakfast | Salt Lake City

Hall of Breakfast | Salt Lake City
The hall of breakfast is an interactive pop-up art experience. It is located at the Gateway in Downtown Salt Lake City. It is a traveling art installation dedicated to one thing…BREAKFAST.


You enter through a retro refrigerator into what seems like another world. The exhibition has a great flow, you start with the refrigerator room, head through bacon and eggs, then come the confetti room. After that you head through sweet parties and my favorite the coffee space. The grand finally is a ball pit that could fit your whole family!


We went early on a Monday morning and Im so happy we did. We went to do a fun branding photo shoot. The exhibit was so fun we didn’t want to leave! I was joined by the gorgeous Mallory to model as well as my kiddo Owen. We had a blast, from samples to slides there was something for all of us. Owen did not want to leave the bacon slide…or the ball pit, can you blame him?


Mallory was such a fun model to do some branding work for! She is working on some big thing but I can let the cat out of the bag….When she is ready Ill let you all know what she is working on! but for now you can follow her @mallorymaude


As you can see we had a great time! There are a few days left of this great installation of pop art, what are you waiting for, go see it NOW!


The hall of breakfast is traveling to a city near you! Ill update this article when I have the locations! Check out their site for more info https://hallofbreakfast.com

From the artists…

“Hall of Breakfast Our tribute to that morning moment when anything feels possible, Hall of Breakfast is an interactive pop-up art experience celebrating everything about breakfast, from the trivial to the transcendent. Bask in the light of an egg yolk sunrise. Slide down a bacon slide. Swing on a donut swing. Snap a pic with a pineapple flamingo as you lounge in a giant neon fruit bowl.
Founded, curated, and created by a group of artists who share the same belief- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’ve never been more serious about breakfast.”

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