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Hyatt Regency Denver | Summer Chef’s Table Photographer

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WHOA! What an amazing, intimate event. I had the pleasure of being a guest as well as photograph the event. The Hyatt Regency Denver feels like home. I photograph events, conferences and conventions there regularly so I know it well. The staff is TOP notch. From the event coordinators to the service staff, everyone is friendly, welcoming and professional.

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Out on the patio on the 5th floor we found gorgeously decorated space with bright colors and a bit of a Hawaiian flare. We were also very lucky that on this very hot day, we were in shade. The event started with cocktails and mingling, featuring a twist on the classic Mai Tai. Let me tell you that Mai Tai was the perfect summer cocktail.

Mai Tai with umbrella, man tai and flowers, Bella calla flowers, event set up, set photographer, DMC photographer

Some of you know I have a lot of respect for chefs, being that my husband is a fantastic professional chef. This also means that my bar is set pretty high. Well, the chefs at the Hyatt Regency Denver did not disappoint. The menu was currated with care and a bit of creativity. The food and beverage manager paired wines that complimented each course and the weather (hot!).

The linens were beautiful, bold and made a statement; perfect for a luncheon. The tables were set perfectly for each course, and we couldn’t wait to put the setting to good use. All of the details, location and menu planning made my job of photographing the event enjoyable and easy.



I won’t go over each course, I’ll just tell you that my favorite was the surf n’ turf. The Tomahawk Ribeye was raised in Colorado, paired with a charred lobster salad. YUM!

bone in Ribeye on grill, sizzling ribeye, Colorado raised beef ribeye, chef inspired cuisine at Hyatt regency Denver, Denver Chef's table photographer, event photographer, food photographer, on location photographer

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There were a few celebrations including a birthday and a retirement that made this an extra joyous event.

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Are you hosting an event or conference at the Hyatt Regency or The Colorado Convention Center? We are here to help!

Contact us at Call for a quote today, 702-499-6222!

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The team that helped put this together was amazing, a special thank you to the Hyatt Regency Events Team at Colorado Convention Center.

Linens: Wildflower Linens

Florals: Bella Calla

Executive Chef: Paul T. French