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Pediatric Nurse Convention Photographer | Hyatt Regency

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Nurses are amazing to begin with, but these nurses care for kiddos and that is extra cool. They treat kiddos that are healthy and thriving to those who need extra help. The support and reassurance they give to parents and love ones go beyond regular nurses. Members of PNP come from all over the country to learn from leaders in their field and each other to get better at their craft. Photographing this conference was a pleasure. The event was well rounded with breakout meeting, guest speakers, general sessions, parties, poster sessions, receptions, an expo hall and so much more.

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More than 1,730 PNPs, FNPs and other healthcare providers joined NAPNAP, The Leader in Pediatric Education for Nurse Practitioners®, at our 38th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care in Denver making it our best attended conference ever! Thank you to those who traveled to Denver or live streamed to attend our more than 100 educational opportunities and dozens of networking and social events.


The show floor was full of business with information and products to support them in their daily life. With samples and classes everyone had a great time at the expo and I had an awesome time photographing the conference.

convention hall floor, overview of convention hall, PNP trade show floor, Booth from above, Event hall a at Colorado convention center, photographer has birds eye view over booths

When everyone gets together for a conference it is a great time to honor those excelling in their field. The Pediatric Nurse Convention was no exception. There were many awards given during the three days and the attendees were there to support and congratulate the honorees. Having a photographer at your event for just awards alone is worth the cost. Remembering the work and sacrifice and being able to share it on social media or print it for the awardee to remember is a great addition to your convention.

The event was held at the Colorado Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency. The two locations are conveniently right across the street from each other so it was quick for me to run back and forth to photograph the different breakout meetings and events. Photographing conventions at these two locations is one of my favorite combos. You have the great breakout rooms of the conference center and the beauty and amenities of the Hyatt Regency. There are great places to have snack and network in each location, which makes attending a conference all the more enjoyable for the attendees. (P.S. the food at the Hyatt Regency is amazing!)

Poster sessions are a staple at conventions. PNP held a poster sessions for those making breakthroughs and those wanting to share information with other pediatric nurses. In addition they held SIG meetings (Special Interest Groups) to encourage nurses to join a cause that they identify with.

I had an amazing set of nurses while having my awesome little one. The nursing staff was so attentive to me and my little Owen in a stressful situation.  He is now 1.5 years old and we have a great set of nurses that do his check ups and make sure he is on the right track.

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The pediatric nurse practitioner convention was a success. We worked with great clients and awesome attendees. Photographing conventions is one of our favorite things to do.

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You can see more info about the conference HERE

The team at Black Cherry Photo simultaneously photographed headshots at the D-drops booth for all attendees. The post will go live next week!

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