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Rocky Mountain Leaf Co | Product Photography

Product photographed on white, Denver

Rock Mountain Leaf Co added some new products to their collection of beautiful hand-crafted Colorado inspired jewelry. To show off their new items they needed simple and classy images on a white background. In addition to their request for product photography they needed the new images to match their previous photographer’s form. He moved away and is no longer able to take care of their needs. He referred me and I was happy to help.

Product photography is meticulous and requires patience and an eye for detail. In order to get great images you need knowledge, equipment and creativity. I made sure I had time and the right tools to complete the job. I turned on some tunes and got to work capturing the beauty of their product.

After delivering the images to Rocky Mountain Leaf Co they loaded them on their website. Even I have a hard time seeing the difference in the images from the previous photographer and those that I took, goal accomplished! If you need some beautiful Colorado inspired jewelry, check out

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company began in Aspen, Colorado in 1974. Thanks to our loyal customers, our family-run business has expanded to offer our products throughout the United States as well as worldwide.  We specialize in jewelry and ornaments handcrafted in the USA from real leaves, cones, and acorns. The leaves we use are carefully hand-picked for their size, shape, and quality to create durable, one-of-a kind pieces.  Rocky Mountain Leaf Company is dedicated to preserving nature so that it can be enjoyed and treasured forever.

The goal is to get things right in camera, its a much better philosophy than, Oh Ill fix it in photoshop. We strive to do it right the first time.

high key product photography Denver, white background

Do you have a product that needs to be photographed for a website or sales? Let us know how we can serve you!

Call Laura @ 702-499-6222 for a consultation.  We can make your product stand out!


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  • Cara

    You photographed this jewelry so beautifully!

  • Mary

    Gorgeous images, I love leaf jewelry!

  • Brittany

    These are gorgeous! What a great gift idea. You definitely nailed the images too!

  • Jennifer K

    These are amazing pieces! Nice work (product photography is so tricky!)!

  • Anna

    So delicate! I love them all. The jewelry is gorgeous! I love the detail in each piece.

  • Kelley Priddy

    Such a great representation of the beauty of this jewelry line!

  • Allie Moore

    What awesome necklaces for Colorado style! And your images showcase all of their incredible detail perfectly.

  • Amanda Tipton

    All that shiny metal is suuuuuper difficult! Great job!

  • Rayna

    These leaf necklaces are adorable! I love them all. 🙂

  • Tegan

    These are sooooo pretty! What a cool product and you did a great job of matching styles and making these babies shine!

  • Valeria

    Gorgeous clean photos and beautiful jewelry!

  • Lindsay

    I literally squealed looking at these. I have been drawn to simplicity and I feel in love with these simple designs. The colors are beautiful!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    • BlackCherryPhoto

      Thanks! These make me want to add to my collection!

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