Silicon Slopes Founders Chapter: Empowering Female Founders

I have been having a lot of new experiences being based in a new city. Yes, I grew up in SLC but moving back after 15 years has been inteteresting. I have had to get out of the house and out of my comfort zone to meet new people. One huge change that I have noticed since moving back is the booming tech sector just south of Salt Lake. The area is called Silicon Slopes, paying homage to the original tech sector Silicon Valley. It is filled with start ups and tech giants ranging from DoTerra to Adobe to Younique and more.

I had the honor of attending a panel put on at the silicon slopes office in Lehi. I felt a bit overwhelmed going but I figured I am good at what I do and I can be useful to all of these types of business. As most of you know, I specialize in business branding, corporate events and headshots. I knew I had to get out and meet people snd show this awesome group that I belonged there as a professional entreprenuer.

The event I attended was called Empowering Female Founders. The panel was full of successful business women that shared how they got to where they are, and some of the speed bumps along the way.


The panel included:

Allison Lew: Founder of Braid Workshop (organization for women entrepreneurs) & Cofounder of The Sego Awards (first-ever awards for female founders)

Amy Stelhorn: Founder of Big Monocle (creative agency) & Cofounder of The Sego Awards (first-ever awards for female founders)

Jenny Wecker: Founder of Fawn Design (successful diaper bag ecommerce business) & entrepreneurial icon.

Jordan Page: Founder of Fun, Cheap or Free (successful blog, vlog, & e-course business) & Utah blogger icon.

I have found that personal connection is how I have built my business. Not what they can do for me but how can I help grow people’s vision. I sensed that many in the room felt this way.

What are you waiting for, get out from behind your computer and go meet someone, help someone, go the extra mile. I promise, even though its scary, its worth it.


In the comment section, tell us all what you are doing to push your business forward!

You can also find out more info about Silicon slopes Here, Silicon Slopes Founders Chapter: Empowering Female Founders

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