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Classic Headshots in Union Station Denver

One aspect of my career that I have truly come to enjoy is doing headshots for local professionals. Jaqueline is one such professional that I got to spend some time with. She needed new shots taken for her Linkdin profile, her resume, and for her new position as an editor at Style Magazine.

women headshots, downtown denver colorado

The location we chose for her photos was Union Station in downtown Denver. What a beautiful venue! Union Station is not only a hub for local commuters, it provides a backdrop for photographs that you can’t find just anywhere. There’s almost a vintage feel to the main level, with a flower stand, seating for travelers to rest their feet, and an old-fashioned style bar to enjoy libations while waiting for the next train or bus.

women business headshots, outdoor union station denver colorado

On the upper level, we took shots of Jaqueline in another vintage style area that looks over the main floor of Union Station.  The area would lend well to an intimate, classy reception or cocktail party.

black cherry photo heashots Jaqueline-6 professional headshots, downtown denver colorado, Union Station business headshots, downtown denver colorado

women corporate business headshot downtown denver colorado union station

Not only did Union Station make a perfect backdrop, Jacqueline made a lovely subject for headshots that day!

Representing yourself well in the professional and online world can make a huge impact on your career. If you want an authentic representation of who you are, choose professional headshots.  Employers, colleagues and customers will get a great first impression of who you are when they see you putting your best foot forward in your photographs. Contact me to book your session and we will create a polished and professional image of who you are.