Why hire a photographer for your Salt Lake City holiday party?

Why hire a photographer for your Salt Lake City holiday party?
Utah corporate holiday party photographer


I know it seems far away but it’s not, there are Christmas decorations at your local Hobby Lobby and Home Depot. You have probably started to plan the venue, date and food, don’t forget to book your photographer too! Capture your guests with big smiles and merriment in the air. Whether it is a corporate holiday party or your annual gathering of friends a photographer is a great addition.


Trust the photography to a professional, here are a few reasons:

  1. Professional Quality Images. Why do you need professional images from your party? They can be a memento for your guests. You can use them on your social media and marketing, a professional can capture the party in the best light. After all the work to put it together, capture it right.
  2. Dedicated photographer. Yes that one employee loves taking photos. Let them enjoy the party without responsibilities, a pro will capture the right moments and everyone else can enjoy the party.
  3. Knowledge. A professional knows the hurdles of different venues. Many venues of which have very little or not very good lighting. Professionals have been trained for these situations.
  4. Portraits. A great way to gift your attendees is to have a professional do a quick portrait of each guest, it makes everyone feel special when they have taken the time to dress up for the party.

Professional photography for your corporate holiday party in Salt Lake is a great way to commemorate your event and promote your brand through your guests or employees.

Some perks to having us photograph your event:

  • High quality images to share online, in a newsletter, and more
  • Online gallery to share with attendees where they can download and share the images
  • Logo’s can be added to images for branding


Laura and the team at Kinser Studios cover events in Downtown Salt Lake, Silicon Slopes, Lehi, Draper, Sandy and more. We bring a cheerful smile that will only add to the merriment of your event.

Did you know we also offer a photo booth for Salt Lake Corporate Holiday Parties? check out this link for more info!

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